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First-Time Buyer Auto Loans

It might be your first auto loan, but it's not our first rodeo. We'll show you the ropes!

From the brilliant color to that feeling of the ground beneath you as you obey the speed limit, experiencing your first vehicle is a rush of excitement. The purchasing process can be just as exciting when finding that perfect deal.

First car? Let us be the first place you look for a loan!

Car buying can be intimidating. Getting a loan to pay for your new wheels, oh boy, where do you even start? First Credit Union, of course! We’ll help you navigate those first-time buyer waters. Where do you start?!

Get pre-qualified

Avoid the heartbreak of falling in love with a car you’re not able to afford. Find how much car you can afford before you start shopping by getting pre-qualified for a loan. Simply complete the online loan application and get an answer quickly. 

Start shopping

Search for vehicles using our online vehicle search tool. Check out the inventory of a specific dealer or area of town before hitting the dealership. If you want to skip the dealership, we can help there too. Our Auto Buying Service will do everything for you. Just let them know your budget, make, model or features. They will even bring the vehicle to you for a test drive! 

Finance with First Credit Union

Even if you finance at the dealership you can still get a loan with First Credit Union. With the Credit Union Direct Lending program, you can simply walk onto virtually any dealership in Arizona. Let them know you want to finance with First Credit Union.

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