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Private Party Auto Loans

There she is just parked on the street and makes your heart sing do-wah-didi-didi-dum-didi-do when you see the for sale sign.

Rates current as of June 3, 2024

Paperwork is our thing, let us handle it

Don’t overlook the perfect car for you just because it’s for sale by owner. We’ve helped lots of members just like you navigate a private party auto loans. #wegotthis

We got this. We’ll walk you through the whole private party loan process – from your loan application to the motor vehicle department. After all, paperwork is our thing!

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Current Rates

Used Auto Loans (2014 to 2022)

APR*Min. AmountTerm
6.79%$10,00063 mos.
7.34%$12,50075 mos.
7.69%$15,00084 mos.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates listed are lowest available for used auto loans and based on 730 or higher credit score, 2014 to 2022, less than 100,000 miles, Kelley retail, and max all-in loan-to-value 135%. Your individual loan rate will be based on your personal situation and previous credit performance. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Rate subject to change without notice. Other loans are available. Call (480) 756-5500 for more information.