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Motorcycle Loans

There’s nothing like it. Whether you’re looking to save gas and money or feel the need for speed, we can help you finance the bike you want.

Rates current as of April 2, 2024

Get on the road in as little as 48 hours

The freedom of the open road is calling. We get it. And we can help you finance that freedom whether you’re buying new, used, or refinancing an existing motorcycle loan.

With quick approval, you’ll be enjoying competitive rates, flexible terms – and the wind in your hair – in no time. Ride safe!

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Current Rates

Motorcycle Loans (New – 2023 or newer)

APR*Min. AmountTerm
8.35%up to 60 mos.
8.75%$15,00061-72 mos.
8.75%$20,00073-84 mos.

Motorcycle Loans (Used – 2014-2022)

APR*Min. AmountTerm
8.75%up to 60 mos.
9.00%$15,00061-72 mos.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Quoted rates reflect the lowest rate available motorcycle loan rates based on 730 or higher credit score, new is: 2023 or newer; less than 12,000 miles; dealer invoice; max loan amount $50,000; min loan amount $15,000 61 to 72 months; min loan amount $20,000 73 to 84 months; and used is: 2014-2022; less than 75,000 miles; Kelley wholesale or NADA low retail; max loan amount $40,000; min loan amount $15,000 61 to 72 months. Your individual loan rate will be based on your personal financial situation and previous credit performance. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Rate subject to change without notice. Other loans are available. Call (480) 756-5500 for more information.