Remote Check Deposit

Make check deposits in a snap

Remote Check Deposit enables you to deposit checks in minutes, whenever and wherever you want when you use First Credit Union’s digital banking app.

Fast and safe

It’s as simple as making a phone call or sending a picture to a friend. Each step in the process is described right on screen and a dynamic online help system is just a tap away.

It’s that easy! Unless your check is held because the check image is unclear, your deposit will show up in your account in just minutes.


Before depositing the check, be sure to endorse the back with your signature, First Credit Union account number number, and “For Remote Deposit Only”. If your check is not properly endorsed, your remote deposit cannot be completed. Questions? Give us a call at 480-756-5500. We’re here to help!


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Technology Requirements

There is no charge from First Credit Union for digital banking app, text banking, or remote check deposit. Regular internet access charges, messaging charges, and other rates from your mobile provider still apply.