Skip A Payment

Skip-A-Pay allows you to skip a payment on your eligible First Credit Union loan(s). Simply mail, fax, or electronically submit a completed Skip-A-Pay form to us at least 10 days before your due date and you won’t have to make your loan payment.

Eligible Loans

Loans eligible for the Skip-A-Pay program include:


Please note a $40 Skip-A-Pay processing fee applies. The following loans do not qualify and are not eligible for the Skip-A-Pay program: any Visa® credit lines, all real estate (home equity or mortgage), auto leases, term-share-certificate secured loans, fresh start overdraft repayment loans & step forward loans. Please see Skip-A-Pay form for complete program details.

By signing the Skip A Pay form, you authorize First Credit Union (the “Credit Union”) to defer your loan payment(s) as indicated. You agree and understand that: 1) FINANCE CHARGES will continue to accrue at the rate provided in your original loan agreement, during and after this time, and that deferring your payment will result in your having to pay higher total FINANCE CHARGES than if you made your payment as originally scheduled; 2) if you carry disability or life insurance on the loan, these charges will continue to accrue; 3) the payment deferral will extend the term of your loan(s) and you will have to make extra payment(s) after your loan(s)would otherwise be paid off; 4) you will be required to resume your payments the following month; 5) if you elected GAP coverage, the coverage will not be extended beyond original terms; 6) all deferrals are subject to Credit Union approval. 7) any Visa® credit lines, all real estate (home equity or mortgage), auto leases, term-share-certificate secured loan, fresh start overdraft repayment loans and step forward loans are not eligible for Skip-A-Payment; 8) incomplete forms will not be honored; 9) the Credit Union reserves the right to determine if prior or subsequent actions may disqualify your loan; 10) you will be notified if, for any reason, the Credit Union will not be able to honor your skip-a-payment request, and you will hold the Credit Union harmless for any consequences resulting from rejection of your request; 11) any loan payments already made are not eligible; and 12) this offer is non-transferable.

Upon receipt and review, the Credit Union will send you a written response to your skip-a-payment request. If you do not receive a written response, please contact us at (480) 756-5500 or toll-free outside the Phoenix area at (800) 732-6986 before skipping your payment to avoid becoming delinquent on your account. All loan payment(s) under the account number listed below cannot be, or have been within the past 12 months, delinquent or in default if payment(s) are to be skipped. All borrowers, co-borrowers and co-signers must sign this form before any loan payment(s) can be skipped and the account must be in good standing to be eligible for this offer. The Credit Union reserves the right to limit the number of skip-a-payment options available to you throughout the life of the loan.