Student Loans 101

If you’re considering financing your college education with the help of a student loan, the smartest thing you can do for yourself is to only borrow what you truly need. (This advice applies to pretty much all loan products, by the way.) Pursuing post-secondary education should be an exciting time in your life. For many young adults, student loans serve as the first real experience with borrowing a large amount of money.

The following tips will take a bite out of your total education costs and reduce your dependence on outside financing—

  1. Find out if/how you can earn college credit while still in high school
  2. Start out by going to a more affordable college. Example: community college
  3. Scout out the best/cost effective locations for college
  4. Seek out scholarships
  5. Apply for an accelerated program. Finish college in 3 years vs 4 years    

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