Technology Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements

Following are the hardware and software requirements necessary for easy use of our digital banking app and digital banking services.

Digital Banking App

Mobile system requirements:



*Please be advised that support of iOS 12.x and Android 7.x has been discontinued on April 25, 2022. Update devices for a seamless experience 🙂

Mobile system requirements:


Biometrics requirements

Fingerprint Login is a free feature currently only available for login authentication on eligible Android devices. Requires user registration with Fingerprint Login at the device level. To use this feature you must meet the following operating system, hardware, and release requirements:

Touch ID and Face ID are only available for login authentication on supported Apple iOS devices and requires user registration of the feature at the device level.

Digital Banking

Computer system requirements:

BrowsersWindowsMac OS X
Google Chrome (Current & previous 2 versions)RecommendedRecommended
Mozilla Firefox (Current & previous 2 versions)SupportedSupported
Microsoft Edge (Current & previous version)SupportedUnsupported
Apple Safari (Current & previous 2 versions)UnsupportedSupported
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.xLimited SupportUnsupported