Growing Money

Growing Money Investing can be rewarding, but it’s also risky A savings account is a great place to store your money at first. It’s safe and it pays a little interest. Growing your money requires that you move some of it into investments with a higher rate of return such as term share certificates. Many financial experts […]

Credit Union Direct Lending

Credit Union Direct Lending Research and shop for vehicles at home online Use AutoSMART to research vehicles online before you go to the dealership. Arm yourself with information before you leave home. Read reviews, get pricing, locate the ideal used vehicle for you, or even build a new car to your specifications. All free and available.   […]

Foiling Identity Theft

Foiling Identity Theft Identity theft is nothing new, and yet it still manages to cost its victims billions of dollars (yes, that’s billions with a “b”) globally each year—not to mention the time and hassle involved in recovering a stolen identity. Watch this video to find out how. Additional Resources: Guide Infographic Infographic Transcript More […]

Comparing Cards

Comparing Cards Debit, credit or prepaid? What’s the difference? Does it really matter which card you choose to pay for your latte? It does! Learn how each card differs. Additional Resources: Guide Infographic Infographic Transcript More Financial Education It’s a Money Thing is a registered trademark of Currency Marketing