Income Essentials

Income Essentials Your earning potential really is a balance between your career, your education, your skills, and trends in the economy. Additional Resources: Guide Infographic Infographic Transcript More Financial Education It’s a Money Thing is a registered trademark of Currency Marketing

Demystifying Mortgages

Demystifying Mortgages Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase of your life, and you’ll usually need a loan to make it happen. Comparing mortgages can be confusing and intimidating—let’s break it all down so you can understand how it works. Additional Resources: Guide Infographic Infographic Transcript More Financial Education Get Started on Buying […]

Great Grades Rewards

Great Grades Rewards First Credit Union Pay’s for A’s! Education is the foundation for your future. First Credit Union supports the importance of working hard to get a good education. We want to reward our young student members for their efforts. Get rewarded for your hard work with our Great Grades Rewards Program! Here’s how it works: Offer […]

Student Loans 101

Student Loans 101 If you’re considering financing your college education with the help of a student loan, the smartest thing you can do for yourself is to only borrow what you truly need. (This advice applies to pretty much all loan products, by the way.) Pursuing post-secondary education should be an exciting time in your […]

FI Transfers

FI Transfers With all the running around you do – let us help you eliminate running between financial institutions. With Financial Institution Transfers (FI Transfers) you can free up some time enabling you to do more of the activities you enjoy most! FI Transfers, available when you login to online banking, empowers you to transfer funds between […]

Credit Union Myths

Credit Union Myths Even though there are over 5,000 credit unions in the United States, misconceptions about their structure and services still exist. Some of these myths include: “Credit unions are basically banks with fewer services.” “It’s harder to access your money when you bank at a credit union.” “Credit union deposits aren’t insured.” “It’s too hard to switch to a […]

Video eBranch

Video eBranch Can’t make it to the branch? No problem! Visit us wherever you are using First Video eBranch 🙂 Times are changing & life can sometimes be chaotic trying to fit everything in. With our First Video eBranch – you no longer need to worry about finding the time to drive to a branch. […]

Giving Money

Giving Money For most people, spending comes naturally. Saving up for something special is harder. And  setting money aside for giving is really hard. The concept of three money jars can help. Each jar represents an activity: spending, saving and giving. When you receive your allowance or a gift of money, divide the money up and put it in each of the […]

Know Your Credit Score

Know Your Credit Score Errors on your credit report can negatively affect your credit score and ability to get a loan, rent an apartment and even get a job. Monitoring your credit score regularly can also protect against identity theft and fraud. Here at First Credit Union – your financial well-being is our number one […]

Intro to Insurance

Intro to Insurance Insurance offers full or partial financial compensation for loss or damage caused by an uncontrollable event. In exchange, the insured individual pays a sum of money known as a premium. Watch the video below or check out the companion guide and infographic to learn more. Additional Resources: Guide Infographic Infographic Transcript […]