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Sunshine Checking

Welcome to the brighter side of checking - an account designed with you in mind ūüôā

Rates current as of June 3, 2024

Sunshine Checking is a customizable checking account with no monthly service cost and tons of great features! You get to choose one add-on perk that fits your lifestyle, if you want more perks Рyou can have that too! Just subscribe* to receive three perks AND our overspend feature, SunShield. 


Robust digital banking platform:

Plus, account access at nearly 30,000 ATMs and 5,400 shared branch locations across the country.


At account opening you will be able to choose one of the following add-on perks:

  • If you select to have ATM Fee Refunds you will receive six (6) ATM fees refunded per calendar year with a maximum benefit of $20 per year.
  • If you select to earn Cash Back you will be credited at the end of the month based on the number and dollar amount of debit card purchases made during the month.

    • 30+ debit card purchases during a calendar month AND exceed a total of $300 in spend, will be credited $0.05 per transaction at the end of the month.

    • 50+ debit card purchases during a calendar month AND exceed a total of $2,500 in spend, will be credited $0.05 per transaction PLUS a $5 bonus will be paid at the end of the month.
  • If you select to Earn Dividends, you’ll earn a return on your balance in your account, see the table below to check out current rates:
  • APY***Min. Amount
    .35%$3,000.00 – $7,499.99
    .25%$7,500.00 – $9,999.99

If you can’t decide on a single perk – we have a solution for that! When you subscribe* for $5 per month, you’ll get all the perks mentioned above PLUS we’ll also add in our overspend feature, SunShield.¬†With SunShield¬†if you overspend… we got you.

  • ¬†Coverage¬†up to $300 with a service cost of $10 per occurrence.¬†

  • You can choose between Full or Partial Coverage

    • With Full Coverage the following items will be paid: ACH, Checks, Recurring Debits, Bill Payments, One-Time Debit Card & ATM Transactions (debit card is opted in)¬†

    • With Partial Coverage only the following items will be paid: ACH, Checks, Recurring Debits, and Bill Payments (debit card is not opted in)¬†

 *Subscription is $5 per month. SunshineChecking not available for Business accounts. Members 18 and under are not eligible for the subscription/SunShield overspend feature. Fiduciary accounts are not eligible for SunShield overspend feature. Subscription fee will be charged the first day of the following month in which subscribed. New subscriptions will receive immediate access to benefits. When a subscription is canceled, there is a 30 day waiting period before the account is eligible to resubscribe. At cancellation, SunShield is immediately removed. The change from three add-ons to a single add-on will be completed at end-of-month, after benefits are paid. If single add-on is not selected, the Earn Dividends perk will be the default choice. Paper statement cost applies when not enrolled in eDocuments. Under-utilization cost applies with limited activity over six months. See Service Cost Schedule for details. 

**Some Included Features may not apply to Youth or Fiduciary accounts.

***APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Dividends are prospective. Earning dividends is an optional perk of the Sunshine Checking account. A choice must be made to receive the dividend add-on. There is a minimum Daily Balance required to earn the Annual Percentage Yield disclosed for the dividend period. If the minimum daily balance is not met each day of the dividend period, you will not earn the stated Annual Percentage Yield. You will only earn dividends for the days on which you meet the minimum daily balance in the Sunshine Checking. For balances incorporating more than one dividend rate tier, a single, blended Annual Percentage Yield will appear as earned on statement.