My Budget

Your personal money manager #itsfree

First Credit Union’s My Budget is a personal money management tool securely integrated into digital banking. It helps empower you to take control of your finances and simplify your life. Best of all it’s FREE and available 24/7.

See your total financial picture

Not only will you be able to see all your financial accounts, balances, and transactions in one place – you will be able to visualize and interact with that data in new and meaningful ways – all conveniently and securely within First Credit Union’s digital banking.

Adding accounts is easy

Add an account in minutes. Simply log into digital banking, click on My Budget under Financial Health dropdown, and follow these steps.

Complete the process by entering the user name and password for the account you want to add. That’s it! Simple:)

Bubble Budgets

Tell your money to shape up. Visualize and interact with your budgets in a more meaningful way – using bubbles! Not all budgets are created equal, using circles or “bubbles” to represent budgets allows you to quickly identify budgets that need the most attention. At a glance, you can determine your budget’s:

Expense Tracking

Tell your money to make up its mind. Don’t just track spending, know your spending! Get powerful insights on where, when, and how you spend. My Budget automatically categorizes and tracks spending from all your accounts, so you can see where your money is really going.

Debt Management

Take control of your financial future. This budgeting tool allows you to create a customized financial plan that fits your lifestyle. It also helps you stay on track and on the path to financial freedom and well-being. Quickly see which debts are being paid down and for how long.

First Credit Union’s My Budget is powered by MX.